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Read our rules carefully, not following the rules can result in a warning or you might get banned.

General Rules:
  • Only ENGLISH is allowed
  • We treat each other with respect
  • No swearing or discrimination is allowed
  • "Thank You" or other short posts will not be accepted. Make sure your comment has value!

  • Download cost 10 credits each time, be careful and save your download(s).
  • Use search before creating a new resource
  • Duplicated resources will be deleted without notification
  • All resources needs to be approved (except if you're VIP Premium or VIP Master)
  • No passwords are allowed for extracting the data
  • At the moment only uploaded and external files are allowed in all categories
  • Leeching / Sharing our content is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban, upgraded account holders are no longer obliged for refund

Resource Requests:
  • Post requests only here: Request Section
  • If you have more requests of the same category, please list it in one thread
  • Your request will besolved if we can null or find it, or one of the members can provide one. We don't guarantee all requests can be resolved
  • Asking requests via private message, chat, Discord or asking staff members can result in a ban

Forum Rules:
  • First search before opening a thread
  • Make sure you open the thread in the right category
  • Always use a prefix, so the forum can be easily searched
  • Selling is not allowed, we have a marketplace where you can signup for
  • Offtopic is not tolerated, keep it clean and to the authors question or topic

V.I.P Packages
  • All our packages will be automatically renewd.
  • No refund will be given
  • You can only cancel your subscription at any moment, if you ahve any troubles please open a Support Ticket

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    Feb 15, 2020
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