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Clean code 2PA - WooCommerce 2Performant Affiliates WordPress Plugin 2020-09-02

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2PA - WooCommerce 2Performant Affiliates WordPress Plugin - 1

2PA - WooCommerce 2Performant Affiliates WordPress Plugin - 2

WooCommerce 2Performant Affiliates plugin gives you the possibility to bulk Import Products into your WooCommerce Store from over 730 Affiliate Programs available in 2Performant!

is an affiliate marketing network that connects online marketing specialists with online stores and brands based on a cost per sale model.

Unique Features
Bulk Import Products
Simply browse through product feeds, filter products by brands/categories/ search by keyword, add multiple products to queue and bulk import them into Woocommerce!Less than 1second import
You heard that right! Import a product in less than 1 second! You can set up to import multiple product images, how many products to import at a time and also choose to import into a custom category or use the category from the AdvertisersProducts Analytics
Live Analitycs right into your Website’s Dashboard! Checkout Clicks, Conversions, Sales & more!Direct Checkout
Direct checkout means that the users will be redirected to the advertiser’s website when they click on the “Buy Now” button.Synchronization
Keep 2performant Products Synchronized!
Using the synchronization module you can synchronize products – title, description & price & also set up a recurring time – when to sync products – every 24h, 48h & so on. Also if a product is no longer available, it will automatically be moved to trash.

Remote Images
We have a cool feature regarding importing product images, more exactly you can use the product images straight from the Advertisers CDNs, which means faster loading time for your customers!Advertiser Ranking – choose the best affiliates program!
Checkout Advertiser Ranking straight from your website! See advertisers Default commission, Time to payment, how many products are available to import from it & much more!Product fees
After you apply to an Advertiser you will be able to see its products feed and how many products are available to import into your website. Product feeds are updated every minute.
Start making money with affiliate marketing!

Commissions are up to 15.0% per sale (the commission varies depending on the seller)

There are 730 Affiliate programs available in 2Performant! You can choose to import products from the ones that better suit your niche.

There are over 70,606 affiliates who have already joined the 2Performant network! What are you waiting for?

Weekly and convenient payment
Work with big brands Ever thought of working for a big brand? Now you can work WITH big brands, as partners.
True facts : In 10 years, 2Performant has measured 316 million clicks generated by affiliates for thousands of businesses’ sites.

3.57 million transactions which meant almost 9 million EUR paid to the affiliates.

IMPORTANT! The plugin is restricted to get only the first 10 pages of a feed ( somewhere around 500 products per feed category)
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