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What is Adult Video Script (AVS) ?
AVS Adult Video Script v7.1 is a Premium CMS (Content Management System) PHP Scripts that will Create Highly Profitable Adult Tube Websites. This is an Industry-driving, completely included, adaptable and dependable cylinder content for grown-up video destinations.

Server Requirment:
  • Any Linux OS
  • Apache or NGINX Web Servers
  • Support for AcceptPathInfo
  • Support for MultiViews (or mod_rewrite which is slower)
  • MySQL 5.x
  • interactive_timeout = 1000
  • connect_timeout = 1000
  • wait_timeout = 1000
  • PHP 5.x and 7.x upto 7.3 (mod_php/CGI)Support for GD2 Library
  • Support for MySQL
  • Support for Curl
  • Support for uploadprogress PHP extension (only if you want to display a progress bar on uploads)
  • Recommended PHP Configuration
  • safe_mode off
  • open_basedir off
  • max_execution_time 7200
  • max_input_time 7200
  • memory_limit (with 1MB more then the maximum video upload size)
  • post_max_size (maximum video upload size)
  • upload_max_size (maximum video upload size)
  • exec() should be allowed
  • PHP CLI 5.x (see above + register_argc_argv ON)
  • FFmpeg (recommended version 3.0+)
1. Edit include/config.paths.php and set $config[‘BASE_URL’][/B] to your site’s url.

2. OPTIONAL: If you use a subdirectory for your installion set $config[‘RELATIVE’] to your subdirectory (eg: $config[‘RELATIVE’] = ‘/subdirectory’)!

3. OPTIONAL: If you use a subdirectory for your installation edit loader.php and set $relative to your subdirectory (eg: $relative = ‘/subdirectory’)!

4. Create a database. Edit include/config.db.php and set the database information (name, user and password).

5. Import the sql dump from sql/avs.sql in your database (most likely using phpMyAdmin).

6. Upload all files and folders from /upload to your server.

7. Chmod following files and directories to 0777.

/include/config.local.php /cache/frontend /cache/backend /media/albums /media/categories/game /media/categories/photo /media/categories/video /media/games/swf /media/games/tmb /media/games/tmb/orig /media/photos /media/photos/tmb /media/player/adv /media/users /media/users/orig /media/videos/flv /media/videos/tmb /media/videos/vid /media/videos/hd /media/videos/iphone /templates/emails /templates/emails/*.tpl /templates/frontend/default/static/*.tpl /tmp/albums /tmp/avatars /tmp/downloads /tmp/logs /tmp/sessions /tmp/thumbs /tmp/uploader /scripts/media_general.txt /scripts/media_video.txt

8. Go to (login using: admin/admin) and start configuring your website.

9. You can use the Google Video Sitemap generator using the link:

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