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Xenforo 2.1.x (BETA) Developer Tools Alpha 2 1.2.0

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This add-on provides enhancements for add-on developers.

- Display order for
- Option group and Option
- Permission group and Permission
  • Test template modification against specific style
  • Show breadcrumb for style property group
  • Show template modification type in breadcrumb
  • Show option group when adding option
  • Show execution order for template modifications, class extensions and code event listeners (Since 1.2)
  • Show warnings when attempted to check for permissions or permission groups that do not exist (Since 1.2)
  • Allow creating permission via permission interface even if permissions already exist (Since 1.2)
  • Automatically fill out code event listener callback class and method as well creating listener file or adding just the function
  • Exclude files or directories via exclude_files and exclude_directories respectively via build.json from add-on archive
  • Create multiple phrases at once
  • Build add-on archive from ACP
  • View template modifications applied on a specific template
  • Minify JavaScript files locally

CLI Commands
tck-devtools:better-exportExports the XML files for an add-on and applies class properties to type hint columns, getters and relations
tck-devtools:create-class-extensionCreates an class-extension for an add-on and writes out a basic template file.
tck-devtools:clamp-versionsEnsures an add-on does not have phrases or templates with version id's above the addon.json file.
tck-devtools:add-phraseAllows creating phrase via CLI.
tck-devtools:create-entity-from-tableCreates an XF entity for an add-on from a table.
tck-devtools:generate-schema-entityIdentifier for the Entity (Prefix:Type format)

There are some wrapper scripts under scripts directory provided by @Xon which can be helpful.

This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details
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