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Coded with ♥

is an application that uses Ajax calls to the server to get new messages. Supports room chat, club chat and the private one-2-one chat. The chat boxes can display in widget, new page, or floating on the bottom right to allow member easy to chat with each other.


*NEW* Private one-2-one chat:


  • Chat boxes display on bottom right allow member to chat with each other.
  • Multi chat at same time.
  • Permission for who can use the private chat.
  • Ability to select skin for each box.
  • Load more messages on scroll up (or down).
  • Easy to find member name to start the chat.
  • Sound notification for new message.
  • Report messages.
  • User online status.
  • Minimize and close chat boxes.
  • Ban settings.
  • Supports Clean Text Input with emoji, Youtube, URL, image URL, Giphy plugins,
  • Supports Lazyload images.
  • Interval in milliseconds.
  • Flood control.
  • Message length limit.
  • Permission to edit/delete messages.
  • Fully responsive - will adapt to mobile, tablet, desktop.
*NEW* Group Chat

  • This feature is an extension of Member Chat to allow users to create a group and invite people to chat.
  • Permission for who can invite people to join group.
  • Option to set maximum users in a group.
  • Users can leave group whenever they want.
  • Displaying users list in a group.
  • To-do:
    • System notification when user joins/leaves group.
    • Group owner can kick members.
    • Group owner can rename the group.
Rooms & Clubs Chat


  • Admin can create multiple rooms, display rooms in widgets, or a new page.
  • Club owner can create a room.
  • Announcement & Rules for each room.
  • Online Users list.
  • Allow guest to join and chat with their custom nickname and random avatar.
  • Show online users in the panel or popup.
  • Global Chat:
    • Show room in a a floating popup on the bottom of the pages so users can chat anywhere.
    • Toggle show/hide the popup.
    • Option to hide popup chat on mobile.
  • User controls:
    • On/Off sound notification.
    • Open chat in a popup.
    • Select skins.
  • Moderator controls:
    • Edit Announcement.
    • User blocking system:
      • Display moderator who blocked the user.
      • Ability to add the reason.
      • Auto unblock user after X minutes.
    • Clean room (delete all messages).
    • Quick edit/delete a message.
  • System messages to notify when:
    • New content posted from 3rd-party apps, supports:
      • Forums (new topic, new reply)
      • Downloads (new file, new comment, new review)
      • Pages (new article, new comment, new review)
      • Gallery (new image, new comment)
      • Blogs (new entry, new comment)
      • Calendar (new event, new comment)
      • Status updates, status replies
      • New registration.
      • Videobox (new video, new comment, new review)
      • Musicbox (new song, new comment)
      • Tutorials (new article, new comment)
    • New announcement.
    • New donation.
    • User joined/left room.
  • Auto Messages (Chat Bot)
    • Create multiple messages with cycle time in seconds.
    • Select a member as a Bot to post the messages automatically every X seconds.
    • The auto messages run on client-side, will not be saved to database for the best performance and saving database.
  • Archive messages:
    • Permission for who can view archive messages.
    • Search messages by member name, guest name, content, time.
    • Sorting messages by time, content, chatter name.
    • Edit/Delete/Report message.
Other features:

  • Input message:
    • Clean text: only supports URL, image URL, Youtube URL, GIF from GIPHY, upload image input_clean.thumb.png.05f831e6b20e9f819ba2fee6163f29a9.png
    • Editor: You can use full formatting from Editor: color, bold, size, emoticons... and all Editor's plugins. input_editor.thumb.png.929d8211d080f32f7c220d4827f1d310.png
  • Many stylish designs available:
    • 5 skins: skins.png.4b64bf3bae849c146d28824f90168942.png
    • 3 styles for messages:
      • Standard style_standard.png.b46a7bb31861a98c55680f377e15195b.png
      • Bubbles style_bubles.png.d9f5c9f7ec9c5169d271e3ed33c2b492.png
      • Condensed style_condensed.png.e924d5216c91bf018a756ea3a277167e.png
  • Donation & SuperChat (requires IPS Commerce) *NEW*
    • Allow users to donate directly in the room.
    • After making a payment, the message will be highlighted in a different color.
    • Ability to select permission for who can donate.
    • Select a donation goal from Commerce.
    • Easy to setup the color for SuperChat based on the donation amount.
    • Sending system notification when someone donates to the room.
Screenshot_22.thumb.png.829a13acf5f240d9faae7ea1a4019005.png Screenshot_23.thumb.png.c3f00b5595c5392c9149fe5b3adabd69.png Screenshot_24.png.9c929be0a3424e259760aa488a0ca8d6.png

  • Tools for admin:
    • Delete all system messages
    • Delete all room's messages
    • Delete all conversation
    • Import messages from the Chatbox FREE
  • Extra features:
    • Supports playing a song from Musicbox
    • Report center integration allows users to report bad massages.
    • Auto loads old messages when scrolling down (or up).
    • Highlight the message row if someone mentions you.
    • Flood control, max messages, limit characters, sorting messages...
    • Display number of online users in Chat menu.
    • Display counter of characters when typing message. *NEW*
    • Support IPS Link Filter for disallowed/allowed links. *NEW*
    • Lazy load images.
    • Fully responsive.
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