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BS - Reputation 1.0.9b

Xenforo 2.1.x BS - Reputation 1.0.9b 1.0.9b

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.this addon adds a traditional reputation feature to XenForo 2. With this addon users can give reputation points to other users similarly to how they can use reactions.

This addon will help you:
  • keep your users engaged
  • reward users for contributing
  • provide incentives for good posts
  • penalize users for bad posts
You have the option to replace the Reactions and Reaction Score features that are built into XF 2 or you can use reactions and reputation at the same time. You have the option to enable reputation on posts as well as on the user profile. Users can give positive and negative reputation.

Similarly to how you can give each Reaction a point value, you can enable an option to set the value of default reputation settings which show up in a drop down menu. You can choose to disable custom reputation amounts. Using this feature you can also disable negative reputation quantities.

This addon has several settings you can tweak to ensure users do not abuse the reputation system, you can limit how often and how many reputation points are given per user per day in addition to other options.

  • Can give reputation
  • Maximum reputation points allowed to give
  • Reputation timeout
  • Delete own reputation
  • Reputation delete time limit
  • Max reputation limit per user per day
  • Total max reputation limit per user
  • View reputation given by users
  • Delete any reputation
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