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[DBTech] DragonByte - Donate

Xenforo 2.2.x Nulled add-on Premium [DBTech] DragonByte - Donate 3.4.0

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DragonByte Donate is a professional donation mod, allowing administrators to accept donations from any payment processor you've added to XenForo 2.


DragonByte Donate is the ideal product for forums that wish to accept donations from their members. Featuring the ability to create multiple different donation drives, an advanced recurring donation drive system and support for multiple payment processors, you will have plenty of options to suit every need.

You can display multiple donation drives on the front page of your forum, either in a compact tabbed design or as individual blocks, depending on your preference. If you're using the built-in PayPal integration, you even have the ability to set different PayPal accounts for different donation drives - perfect for if you want to run a charity donation drive for one of your well-known members that have fallen on hard times.

Last but by no means least, you also have the ability to add any currency you want! You're not limited to the "big five" found in most other donation modifications, you can add your local currency as well to really personalise your site to your target demographic. If you add multiple currencies to your system, you choose one currency to be the "Primary Currency" and any donations received in other currencies will be converted to the Primary Currency for display purposes (it won't change the amount received by your payment processor). The donation list will still display the currency the user donated in, however.

Major Features
Advanced Donation Drives:
Donation Drives can be customised in a wide number of ways, including advanced recurring options, whether to display it on the main page and/or the sidebar, as well as a short and a full description (to be displayed on the main Donation Drive info page).

Multiple Currency Integration: You are able to define any number of currencies, not just the "big five". Advanced currency conversion functionality will automatically adjust the donation drives' donation amounts no matter what currency you receive a donation in by automatically updating exchange rates from a remote API.

Browsable Donation Log: The list of people who donated can be found both via the AdminCP as well as the front-end. Front-end donation lists respect the "anonymous" flag users can decide while donating.

Complete Feature List


  • Display Version Number
  • Enable Modification
  • Reason For Turning The Modification Off
  • Enable Compact Front Page Design
  • Donation Notification Sender
  • Minimum donation amount
  • Pre-defined donation amounts
Manage Donation Drives
  • Title
  • Short Description
  • Full Description
  • Active
  • Display Order
  • Goal Amount
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Is Recurring
  • Recurring Period
  • Custom Recurring Period
  • Custom Recurring Period (Day of the Month)
  • Display On Front Page
  • Display In Sidebar
  • Additional User Groups (temporary or permanent)
  • Allow Guest Donations
  • Allow Anonymous Donations
  • Is "Sandboxed"
  • Alternate PayPal Email
  • Note Minimum Length
  • Note Maximum Length
Manage Currencies
  • Currency ID
  • Description
  • Active
  • Display Order
  • Denomination (Prefix)
  • Denomination (Suffix)
  • Decimals
  • Primary Currency
  • Exchange Rate
Donation Log
  • Entries to show per page
  • User Name
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Order By
Add New Donation
  • User Name
  • Date
  • IP Address
  • Message
  • Is Test Donation
  • Is Public Donation
  • Is Confirmed
  • Transaction ID
Front Page Display
  • Either tabbed or individual donation drives
  • Sidebar integration
  • Donate button opens an overlay where users fill in their donation amounts and optional message
  • Index page that shows all donation drives
Donation Drive Info Page
  • Display the full donation drive description
  • Donation lists
  • Donate button opens an overlay where users fill in their donation amounts and optional message
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