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[DBTech] - DragonByte Ecommerce: Tickets

Xenforo 2.2.x [DBTech] - DragonByte Ecommerce: Tickets 2.2.3

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Compatible XF Versions
This product requires DragonByte eCommerce to function!

DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets is the perfect companion to DragonByte eCommerce, allowing you to easily deal with any support query your users might have.

Fully integrated with XenForo 2.1 and DragonByte eCommerce, Tickets uses forums to house your support tickets, giving you the stability of the XenForo core along with the rich information from DragonByte eCommerce.


DragonByte eCommerce: Tickets complements our eCommerce product by allowing you to associate a forum with a product from eCommerce. All threads posted in that forum will then be considered support tickets, and you will see rich product information along with license information when you visit the thread.

Additional fields are powered by the "Custom thread fields" feature built into XenForo 2.1. When users post a new ticket, any thread fields that have identical license fields will be automatically filled out when the customer selects a license.

You are also able to define automated actions that can occur either when the ticket is created, or automatically in the background. Users can be notified their ticket is being closed, or the ticket itself can be closed - the possibilities are nearly endless!

New! You can also allow users to attach secure data to their support tickets, which can be used to request things like FTP and AdminCP information or other sensitive data.

Feature List

Tight DragonByte eCommerce Integration:
Forums on your site can be associated with an eCommerce product to turn it into a support ticket category. Rich product information such as a direct link to the product itself and the product rating, as well as information regarding the ticket itself, gets added to a new sidebar in the thread.
Furthermore, if you use the "License fields" feature in eCommerce to ask for things such as the URL the product is installed on, creating custom thread fields with identical field IDs will auto-fill that information whenever your customers select a license.

Ticket States: Tickets have five different states:
  • Open - the ticket has not been assigned to a user
  • Assigned - the ticket is open and assigned
  • On hold - a "middle ground" between an open and a closed ticket, these tickets don't show in the "Open tickets" widget
  • Answered - ready to be auto-closed by automated actions
  • Closed - ticket is closed
By using the automated actions (described below), you can set up a system where a ticket is queued to be closed after 7 days if it's "Answered", then close the thread & the ticket after 7 more days. Another automated action can be defined to let the thread starter "revive" the ticket if they reply within that first 7-day grace period.

Powerful Automated Actions: You can define any number of automated actions to be taken on support tickets, and order these actions based on priority. You can also choose whether the action can be taken automatically via a cron job, or whether it only occurs when something happens (such as when the thread is created).
The following actions can be taken automatically:
  • Set status
  • Assign ticket to user
  • Close thread
  • Open thread
  • Delete thread
  • Undelete thread
  • Reply to thread
    • User name of the person who should reply to the thread
  • Send alert to thread starter
  • Send email to thread starter
  • Send alert to assigned agent
  • Send email to assigned agent
You can also fill out a message to be used in the Reply, Alert and Email actions. The following replacement variables are available in this message:
  • {user} - the user name of the thread starter
  • {user_profile_link} - a link to the user's profile
  • {assigned_user} - the user name of the user this ticket is assigned to
  • {assigned_user_profile_link} - a link to the profile of the user this ticket is assigned to
  • {product} - the name of the product this ticket is for
  • {product_link} - a link to the information page for the product this ticket is for
You can limit which tickets have this particular action taken on them via the Thread Criteria feature in XenForo. In addition to all the standard search options (such as forum, prefix, thread status, etc), you can use these ticket-specific criteria:
  • Assigned user name is...
  • Assigned user name contains...
  • Ticket state is...
Secure Data Storage: You are able to define any number of fields that users can attach to their support ticket after posting it. Data attached this way is encrypted with a unique secret key, which is emailed to both the ticket starter and the assigned agent. This can be used for things like FTP access details or other sensitive information that you would otherwise need to exchange un-encrypted via email or PM. Data can be deleted at any time, even if both parties lose the secret key.

Easy Ticket Management: A ticket's state can be changed in multiple different locations, including the "Edit thread" interface, and the ticket's sidebar. Moving threads into a support ticket forum will create the associated ticket information, and moving it to another support ticket forum will update the information - you don't have to worry if people post in the wrong section!
Other advanced features such as copying a thread, and copying/moving posts are also supported.

"Open Tickets" Widget: You can deploy a widget that lists currently open tickets, and by using user group permissions you can ensure that your support agents only see tickets that are assigned to them.

Powered By XenForo Threads & Forums: By using threads & forums as the back-end, basic features such as email alerts (via the "Watched threads" feature in XF) will continue to work, even if you choose to stop using this product or it stops working for whatever reason.

If you like this add-on, please consider leaving a Like and/or a review. We would really appreciate it! 😄
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