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InfyChat v.3.3.0 – Laravel Chat App (Private + Group Chat)

Nulled InfyChat v.3.3.0 – Laravel Chat App (Private + Group Chat) 3.3.0

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InfyChat is a web-based chat system implemented using the Laravel framework. It’s built on Bookstrap4 with CoreUI Theme with JQuery and MYSQL database.

InfyChat v3.0.0

Free Installation:
Free Installation

InfyChat is available in Laravel + VueJS version.

Laravel VueJS Version

InfyChat Features

It has many rich features like,

  • Super Admin panel to manage members
  • Real-time messaging
  • 1-1 Chat
  • Group Chat
  • Private vs Public Groups
  • Open vs Closed Groups
  • Manage Group Members (Make Admin, Add Member, Remove Member)
  • Send Chat Request before Chat
  • Conversations list with unread messages count
  • Header Notifications
  • Reply to message
  • Media Uploads including Images, Documents, Audio, and Videos
  • Youtube video link integration
  • Copy/Paste Direct Images in Message
  • Read receipt
  • Emoji Support Added
  • Typing Status
  • Custom Chat Status
  • User Privacy Settings
  • Online Offline Status
  • Last seen status of a user
  • Web Push Notifications with OneSignal
  • Social Authentication
  • Abuse Word Filtering
  • Block and Unblock User
  • Report User
  • Delete Conversations and Delete Message
  • Compatible with Laravel Echo or Pusher
  • User Profile View and Edit + Change Password + User Initials
  • Link Preview Support added
  • Archive/UnArchive Conversation(Group/User) support added
  • Responsive Interface and many more.
InfyChat can be used for various kinds of applications for various purposes like,

  • Social Network
  • Social Community
  • In Internal Chatting app
It’s a self-hosted app, so you have complete control of your data and privacy.
  • 01. Conversation and Send Message.png
    01. Conversation and Send Message.png
    34.5 KB · Views: 31
  • 02. Group Chat.png
    02. Group Chat.png
    40.7 KB · Views: 28
  • 03. New Conversation.png
    03. New Conversation.png
    34.2 KB · Views: 29
  • 04. New Group.png
    04. New Group.png
    41.7 KB · Views: 26
  • 05. Manage Group Members.png
    05. Manage Group Members.png
    44.8 KB · Views: 29
  • 06. Member Typing.jpg
    06. Member Typing.jpg
    47.1 KB · Views: 28
  • 07. Last Seen.png
    07. Last Seen.png
    37.5 KB · Views: 31
  • 08. Upload Media.png
    08. Upload Media.png
    81.9 KB · Views: 28
  • 09. Youtube Integration.png
    09. Youtube Integration.png
    47.2 KB · Views: 27
  • 10. Document Attachment.png
    10. Document Attachment.png
    35.2 KB · Views: 28
  • 12. Member Profile.png
    12. Member Profile.png
    41.1 KB · Views: 26
  • 12. Video Upload.png
    12. Video Upload.png
    40.8 KB · Views: 24
  • 13. Edit Profile.png
    13. Edit Profile.png
    29.2 KB · Views: 27
  • 14. Read Reciept.png
    14. Read Reciept.png
    35.1 KB · Views: 25
  • 15. Block Unblock User.png
    15. Block Unblock User.png
    25.6 KB · Views: 27
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