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(k4) Info to postContainer

IPS 4.5 Module Free (k4) Info to postContainer 2.2.0

No permission to download
A plugin for adding information about reputation, days won, and so on to the user's dashboard in topics.
There are settings for selecting the desired display elements.
The settings are divided into two sections - Lite and Full.

In lite versions there are:
  1. Standard design of the postcontainer.
  2. The number of posts.
  3. The amount of reputation.
  4. The number of days won.
  5. The number of registered days on the forum.
  6. Custom fields.
  7. Achievement icons.
In full:
  1. Non-standard postcontainer with tiles.
  2. Customize shadows for dark and light themes.
  3. Adding a profile background.
  4. Hiding the standard group (name + icon).
  5. Hiding the standard group (name).
  6. Adding a group.
  7. Adding a secondary group.
  8. Adding a title.
  9. The number of posts.
  10. The amount of reputation.
  11. The number of days won.
  12. The number of subscribers.
  13. The number of registered days on the forum.
  14. Date of registration.
  15. Profile ID.
  16. The last activity on the forum.
  17. The time zone.
  18. The input device.
  19. Custom fields.
  20. An additional panel with sending a personal account, adding it to an emergency, and so on.
  21. Achievement icons.
  22. Flexible postcontainer settings.
Tested on the following templates: Standard, Magnum, Fluent.
Compatible with: Advanced Online Indicator.
Recommendations: For correct operation, it is desirable to have a standard postcontainer.


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