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LiveSmart Video Chat is a standalone web application with video, audio, recording, screen sharing and file transfer face-to-face communication channels and integrated chat. It has own signaling server, based on Socket.io. It does not require any additional installations or third party logins and accounts. You can set a highly customizable contact button on your web site so that your visitors can directly call you if you are online.

LiveSmart Video Chat - 1

Recent changes
- Integration with WoWonder Social Network Platform. Integration files and installation instructions are included in 2.0.18 release of LiveSmart. You can read more about LiveSmart integrations here.
- Different feature requests and auto-update facility.
- Added Grid view of the video conference. Participants can now choose runtime between line and gallery view. Added mute all button. Demo is available here.
- Added the possibility to broadcast a pre-recorded video to your attendees! To see how this works, see the demo.
- Enhanced dashboard options for configuration and locale changes. Demo login is available here with demo/demo.
- Check speech to text and translation demos.
- Recorded video/audio files can be converted to MP4. Check for more information in the installation guide.
If you need more information about the features, have additional questions or difficulties with the demos or installation, you can visit our support forum.

LiveSmart is perfect for:
LiveSmart Video Chat - 2

LiveSmart Video Chat - 3

LiveSmart Video Chat - 4

LiveSmart Video Chat - 5

- Live video and/or audio chat;
- Multi user conference video sessions;
- Whiteboard;
- Broadcast to many;
- Configurable entry form available both with front end access (from the agent) or PHP and MySQL scripting;
- Own notification server, no third party software or accounts needed;
- File transfer;
- Record every aspect of your live stream – video, screen share, whiteboard and chat;
- Private rooms;
- Snapshot;
- URL shortener;
- Offline form so never miss a customer inquiry;
- Pure HTML5 Web chat;
- Chat history;
- Voice to chat module;
- Screen sharing. Supported on Chrome up to 71 with additional plugin (Your will be guided in the installation process), Chrome 72+, Firefox 52+ and MS Edge 17+ browsers are pluginless;
- Switch between front and back camera of your mobile;
- Notification system;
- Mobile friendly;
- Button for establishing a direct connection and a facility to track the presence of your visitors;
- Predefined buttons styling;
- Internationalization;
- Ability to set own video chat room;
- Meeting Scheduling;
- WordPress plugin to add easily the button to your WP pages and posts;

Check the User Guide section for a detailed description of all the features.

Make sure you read the FAQ Section for server requirements, how much attendees LiveSmart can handle and other useful topics.
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