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Nulumia - Responsive Product Grids for DragonByte eCommerce

Xenforo 2.1.x Nulumia - Responsive Product Grids for DragonByte eCommerce

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Compatible XF Versions
Responsive Product Grids for DragonByte eCommerce adds enhanced, improved product layouts for the popular shop addon by DragonByte Tech. By using specialized flexible grids and device-friendly layouts, you'll have a more consistent appearance for your shop.

  • Set number of products per row in the product grid list
  • New intelligent responsive grid: The layout attempts to use your specified number of products per row, but will scale to the next best setting when needed by the available space.
  • Perfectly scales across screen sizes and devices - no messy media queries and warped product thumbnails!
  • Product grids are now in a classic floating appearance, instead of within a block, for a more modern UI
  • Control spacing between products in the grid
  • Matched layouts across What's New pages
  • Change What's New -> New Products page between list or grid, or set to inherit to use the main shop setting
  • Choose to hide product description previews
  • Limit the max character count of product description previews
  • Prevent long, overflowing product descriptions within widgets in the sidebar
  • Specify max products per row setting on a per-widget basis, giving you more control over your shop appearance!
  • Should work great in many third-party themes. If you encounter an issue, feel free to request changes!


By downloading this addon, you should understand the following:

1. This addon is temporary, and will be replaced at a later time.
This addon is a temporary solution for enhancing eCommerce layouts, while a larger expansion addon for DragonByte eCommerce is being finished. When the larger version is complete, it will fully replace this addon.

2. This addon is not yet compatible with Nulumia themes
Similar functionality to this addon has been present in Nulumia themes for some time, though these features are being removed during the next updates. At that point, all free and pro Nulumia themes will require this addon moving forward to use customized eCommerce layouts.

If you are using a Nulumia theme, please keep an eye on change logs and notifications for when to install this addon.
  • xenforo-responsive-products-grids-dragonbyte-ecommerce-car-shop.jpg
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  • xenforo-responsive-products-grids-dragonbyte-ecommerce-clothing-shop.jpg
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  • xenforo-responsive-products-grids-dragonbyte-ecommerce-electronics-shop.jpg
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Latest updates

  1. Nulumia - Responsive Product Grid For DragonByte eCommerce

    Updated for compatibility with latest DragonByte eCommerce editions (2.1.2)

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