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Support ticket system is an adequately designed ticket managing PHP system that facilitates great user experience for your Clients / Customer / End-User. Accessible by multiple agents and admins, this tool helps in managing tickets generated by Clients / Customer / End-User. By adequately managed support you can close the generated tickets.


Url : Demo Link
Admin login : admin@example.com / 1234
Agent login : agent@example.com / 1234

Support Ticket System V2 - 1 Support Ticket System V2 - 2 Support Ticket System V2 - 3 Support Ticket System V2 - 4 Support Ticket System V2 - 5 Support Ticket System V2 - 6 Support Ticket System V2 - 7 Support Ticket System V2 - 8 Support Ticket System V2 - 9 Support Ticket System V2 - 10

What to expect from Support Ticket System​

  • An effective dashboard with graphical representation of categories and tickets. Get an insight on number of agents as well as open and closed tickets.
  • Facilitates multiple admin usage.
  • Generates ease for clients in creating tickets.
  • You can add multiple agents to resolve queries.
  • End user can chat with agent.
  • Search tickets by unique number.
  • Make custom your new ticket form
  • Change the ticket status to in progress, on hold or closed.
  • Maintaining personal notes for each tickets.
  • Create various categories for easy customer resolution.
  • Multiple language access.
  • Wizard installation.
  • An expressive, elegant syntax using Laravel.

Salient features of Support Ticket System​

Ease in ticket generation​

This tool facilitates clients to create tickets and attach files. They can select their query from a well curated listed of FAQ’s. On successful generation of ticket, the unique ticket id is created and the link is sent via mail to the client.

An effective dashboard​

Get easy access to open and closed ticket statistics. A visual presentation of categories and monthly generated ticket chart is presented.

Search tickets​

Customer can search for the tickets with their unique ticket id

Manage tickets​

Add new tickets as and when required. Get a detailed list of all the generated tickets with their respective ticket IDs, categories, subject, status, and essential information. Edit them by adding a new response or change the status with a simple click.

Maintain a personal note for each ticket​

You can make notes for each ticket according to the need. This makes following up on queries easier.

Managing categories​

Create categories for the easy management of generated tickets. Clients can select from a list of categories for their concerned problem. This makes resolving tickets much easier and simpler.

Chat with Agent​

End user can chat with agent and agent will give response on user query. For push notification we have added pusher configuartion.

Add agent​

Add new agents for giving support to your customer, Agent can see all ticket and give a response on it.


Curate a detailed list of Frequently asked questions. This is very important for user convenience.

Manage site settings​

Update your site settings by adding a site logo and choosing a default front end language. Manage your mail usernames, passwords, and mail encryption along with mail drivers, mail post and mail host.

Multiple languages​

Manage your language need in the back end by adding a new language or selecting from an already existing list of available languages.

Email notification​

An email notification is sent to a client as and when a reply is provided. They can converse ahead if their ticket isn’t resolved.
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