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IPS 4.5 Tutorials 2.5.2

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Comprehensive article system / tutorial system for IPS system

Here is a summary of some of the features of this software:

Fully compliant with IPS 4.2 (clubs, suggested comments, content messages, etc.)
Unlimited category articles, plus unlimited amount
Category symbols
Ability to use the comments system or support topics or both
Permissions for each group to show category, read article, post article, add comment and block approval queues
Extra parts that can be used in any group
Quickly edit (ajax) the title of the article in the category view
Preview the training content when you place the tutorial link in the category view
Group permissions on specific actions
Integration with the advertising system
Integration with bulk letter system
Integration with ACP Live Seach (training categories)
Integration with Tag system
Integration with the reporting system
Integration with the search system
Integrate with Share Links to share, upload or print articles
Integrate with the sitemap system to place tutorials on your sitemap
Executive actions on articles and comments
Ability to create RSS feeds from all tutorials
Ability to attach files to tutorials and comments
Ability to quickly convert forum posts to a new tutorial
Ability to copy a tutorial from one category to another or in the same category
Friendly URLs for tutorials and categories
Ability to rate points for tutorials
Ability to rank trainings
Ability to follow categories and tutorials to receive notifications in updates
If you have changed the template in the tutorial settings, there are tools for creating topics in existing tutorials, teaching topics, and reconstructing support text.
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