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  • Unlimited Hierarchy of Forums
  • Private Forums
  • Thread and forum subscription (notification by email optional)
  • Admin tools: edit, delete, move, lock, make sticky, etc.
  • Email page to friend option
  • Supports BB Code in posts
  • Supports HTML in post
  • Smilies
  • Avatars
  • WYSIWYG or standard editors for posts and Private Messages
  • Attachment images (.gif, .jpg., etc.) stored on filesystem (optional, via Admin CP)
  • Preview post option
  • Polls
  • Post Reporting - report posts to moderators
  • User post count
  • Admin tools: edit, delete, move, etc.
  • Preview-safe Attachments
Member Features
  • Member Profile Pages (updated in 4.0). This information can be viewed by other members from the member list. Custom user title, URL home page, date of birth, instant messaging medium, location, occupation, biography, interests, vB version, plus any other custom user fields that may be defined by the administrator.
  • Allows members to upload pictures that can be viewed in the user's profile.
  • Private Messaging
  • Friends List
  • Member Birthdays shown on Forum home
  • Who's Online
  • Signature Editor
Avatar Options
  • Custom Avatars - upload from own computer or specify a URL
Private Messaging
  • Private Message Tracking
  • Private Message filling in custom folders
Privacy & Permissions
  • Permission system, based on user, usergroup or forums
  • Private Forums
  • Email and password changes require current password
Users & Usergroups
  • User registration options
  • User banning (by name & IP)
  • Global Ignore User - When enabled, all posts by the specified user will be ignored/unseen by other members. Automatically added to all users ignore lists.
  • Unlimited Moderators and SuperModerators
  • Permission system, based on user, usergroup or forums
User Options
  • These include Daylight Savings options, forum style chooser, selection of notification types for PM, emails etc., thread display options, WYSIWYG editor options, and language chooser
Admin & Board Maintenance
  • Task Scheduler
  • Control Panel, Moderator & Task Logs
  • Post Pruning
  • Moderation queues for user registration and posting
  • Attachment thumbnails (requires PHP to have GD enabled)
  • Storage type options for attachments (database or file system)
Styling & Templates
  • Powerful Templating System
  • Conditionals supported in the templates
  • Ability to create multiple styles which can be applied to different forums and users
Template Engine and Layouts
  • Proprietary template engine
  • Template/Skins
  • Full CSS layout and design
  • Sitewide templates: you can create an entire site using a default set of templates
  • Powerful, fast and suitable for robust development
  • Add-ons and Plug-ins
  • Easily extensible through a plug-in architecture and variety of accessible plug-ins
Language & Phrase Management
  • Phrase Manager
Help and FAQ
  • Context sensitive help throughout the adminCP
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