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[Xon] - Report Improvements

Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [Xon] - Report Improvements 2.10.12

No permission to downloadVIP Upgrades
Screenshots are still to be added, XF1 version has similar functionality and the screenshots

This add-on introduces potentially breaking changes to moderation permissions. Please review usergroup permissions carefully!

A Collection of improvements to XF's reporting system. Fully phrased.

On install, all existing warnings are copied into a new warning change tracking log and associated with reports. This process occurs as a background task, and is non-disruptive.

Note; when reports are sent to a forum, the warning<->report links can not be created!

Feature list:
  • Improve performance of Report Center by reducing stock XenForo N+1 query behaviour
  • Permission based access to the report center:
    • Default permissions set for groups (global/content) for groups with warn or edit basic profile permissions.
    • New Permissions:
      • View Report center
      • Comment on open report
      • Comment on closed report
      • Update a report's status
      • Assign report
      • See reporter username
  • Sends an Alert to moderators who have commented/reported on a report.
    • Only sends an alert if the previous alert has not been viewed
    • Report Alerts link to the actual comments for longer reports
    • Report Alerts include the title of the report
  • Alert moderators if a report is assigned to them
  • Links Warnings to reports.
    • Visible from the warning itself, and when issuing warnings against content.
  • Link reply bans to reports
    • Log reply bans into report system
    • Optional Issue a reply-ban on issuing a warning (default disabled)
    • Allow reply-banning through a closed threads for moderators
  • Link Reports to Warnings.
    • Logs changes to Warnings (add/edit/delete), and associates them with a report.
  • Automatically create a report for a warning.
  • When issuing a Warning, option to resolve any linked report.
  • Optional ability to log warnings into reports when they expire. This does not disrupt who the report was assigned to, and does not re-open the report.
  • Report Comment Likes.
  • Resolved Report Alerts are logged into Report Comments (as an explicit field).
  • Search report comments
  • Optional ability to search report comments by associated warning points, and warned user. (Requires Enhanced Search Improvements add-on)
  • Reverse order of report comments (default disabled)
  • Optional auto-reject/resolve sufficiently old reports (default disabled)
  • Show content date when viewing a report
  • Show forum for post reports in report list
  • Permission-based ability to join a reported conversation
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