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[XTR] - Image Hosting

Xenforo 2.1.x Nulled add-on [XTR] - Image Hosting 1.0.2

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[XTR] Image Hosting

This plugin allows you to save space on the server by uploading new images to the Imgyukle website.

When you create a new subject with the plugin, it allows you to upload / transfer images remotely in quick reply or private conversations.

In fact, the fact that the images are hosted in an external location has some disadvantages for your website, but there are more positive aspects.

Since it is a free plugin, I have now set it as the only image upload service Image Share - imgyukle.com. In this state, it will still work with more.
If the hosting area of the hosting company you use is small, it will be useful for you.
You don't want to store more files on your hosting or server.
Many files cause trouble when backing up their data, saving you from being a problem.
You can reduce external billing to store images on your server.
Add-on features:

Thanks to [XTR] Image Hosting, you can give the pictures as a link if you wish, or you can choose the full view on your page.


With user group permissions, you can grant the necessary permissions for the desired user groups.


With Embed (Sharing) Codes, you can select display options for your images as shown below.

BB Standard image link


BBCode (full view): The image display tool of the system is used within the page.


BBCode (full view link): You will get an image as in BBCode (full view) but when you click on the picture, you will be directed to the website where the picture is uploaded.

BB thumbnails link: Display your pictures in small sizes side by side.


Upload image buttons work in the following templates.

Crate new thread: Upload image button will be displayed while creating new thread.

Edit thread: While editing the subject, Upload image button will be displayed.

Create new conversations: It will be shown in new conversations and when editing conversations.

Crate new thread:

Post reply:

Create new conversations

When the Upload image button is selected, a window like below will open


From here, you can select an image on your computer and perform the upload.

In addition, you can edit the picture you have selected without pressing the send button. You can define the name of the picture size.

Hope you like the plugin.
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