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  1. MrBoss

    Nulled Module Free v6.6.0 FastBay – eBay Marketplace synchronization Module [v1.7] Prestashop 6.6.0

    v6.6.0 FastBay – eBay Marketplace synchronization Module [v1.7] PrestashopFASTBAY is the professional solution to synchronize your Prestashop store towards your Ebay account in few minutes
  2. MrBoss

    Styles Xenforo 2.1.4 Xenforo 2.1.5 Xenforo 2.1.6 Xenforo 2.1.7 Xenforo 2.1.x Xenforo 2.2.x Free [AP] Member Bars v1.0.1

    [AP] Member Bars v1.0.1This update removes the previously added color Option and replaces it instead with Style Properties, allowing for per-theme color selection.Admin color optionThis update allows you to select the color of the bars in the Admin panel, without needing to modify the...
  3. broduer

    Software Discord Bot

    FREE Discord Bot; Couldn't be any easier!!!https://botghost.com/?invite=621127827504365579
  4. broduer

    Offered [Free/Premium] Webhosting

    In the very near future, I will be offering free and paid hosting services. Everything will be priced just above costs as I am not looking to make money off this project. I want to provide a service for an affordable price that isn't charging customers an arm and a leg for services.[More info...
  5. broduer

    Free [REQUEST] Members Shop 2.1.0

    https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8833-members-shop/Looks really cool and the community would use it I hope. Anyway, this is what I am looking for. I will continue searching but if you find it before me by all means post it :P IPS 4.6.11
  6. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Free [Xon] - Attachment Improvements

    A collection of improvements to XF's attachment system.Option to strip jpeg EXIF data SVG support Nginx's X-Accel-Redirect New Permissions for forum/conversations (Respects global attachment size & count limits):Attachment Size (kb). Maximum Attachment Count.Adds support for video stream...
  7. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - Collapse Permissions 2.0.0

  8. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - User About Max Length 2.0.0

    Set the maximum characters count in user "About you" field.
  9. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - Disable BB-codes in User About You Field 2.0.0

    Disables BB-code support in user "About" field
  10. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - Admin Control Panel Improvements 2.0.0

    Some improvements and tweaks for admin control panelAjax-search field for:Banned users Banned emails Banned IP addresses Discouraged IP addressesDisplay order sorting for:Thread prefixes Help pages Two-step verification providers User upgrades Member statistics Custom user fields Custom...
  11. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [0815] - Zodiac Signs 1.0.3

    Shows the zodiac sign beside the age (if displayed).A setting can be used to select whether a sign or the name is displayed.
  12. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - Global User Ignore (Tachy Goes to Coventry) 2.0.0 Patch Level 2

    About this addon This works similar to vBulletin's "Tachy Goes to Coventry" feature that many of know and love. Now you can finally stop the moderators nightmares. Add unwanted users to the global ignore without letting them know about it.Ignore Duration Users can be placed on global ignore...
  13. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [PN] - FFW 1.0.4

    Adds followings and followers widgets to user profiles.
  14. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [MMO] - Core 2.2.3

    A library that contains helper functions for our add-ons.1. IntroductionDuring use, Add the requires section to addon.json to document the dependancy: JSON: { "require": { "MMO/CoreLib": [ 2020270, "[MMO] Core Library v2.2.2+" ] } }2. Template additionsWe are adding various functions...
  15. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [PN] - FBP 1.0.0

    There are two variations, configurable in the style settings.There are also a few more settings that determine the maximum height of the cover, the blur level of the background (block background), custom tabs, etc.Everything is adapted for mobile phones and other extensions.Widgets from...
  16. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - Category Select Dropdown for [tl] Social Groups

    Requirements: [tl] Social Groups 3.0.0+Description:Dropdown selection menu for category chooser on groups creation.
  17. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [Hampel] - Private Site 1.1.0

    For a private site where no forum content is visible to guests, the easy way to hide everything is to simply deny "View" permission to Unregistered / Unconfirmed users.However, the end result is a little messy as guest visitors get presented by an unhelpful error message "You must be logged-in...
  18. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - RM Marketplace: Account Tabs

    Requirements: [XFA] RM Marketplace/Shop 5.0.0+ (add in related resources!)Description:Adds sections with "My licenses" and "My purchases" from RM Marketplace add-on to "Your account" page
  19. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [OzzModz] - Badges 2.2.1 Patch Level 3

    Requirements: XenForo 2.2.0+Description: Reward your users with collectible badges, and control how your users get them.FeaturesAward users badges based on criteria. Manually award users badges. Display badges on users profiles, and profile cards. CRON Job for automatically applying badges...
  20. WinSys32

    Xenforo 2.2.x Addon Nulled Free [MMO] - Old Thread Warning 2.2.1

    The add-on will allow you to display a warning for users in old topics.
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