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  1. lawaronak

    Software Dragonframe 5.0.9 (x64) Multilingual

    Dragonframe 5.0.9 (x64) MultilingualFile size: 113.2 MBDragonframe Software - Begin your stop motion filmmaking journey today with the digital image capture software trusted by major motion picture studios and independent filmmakers alike.Animation Bring your animation to life...
  2. lawaronak

    Software PhraseExpress 16.0.174

    PhraseExpress 16.0.174File size: 44.3 MBPhraseExpress is a text expander software, that manages frequently used text templates for insertion into any program. Phrases can be triggered from the snippet menu, by hotkey or with autotext shortcuts. The template manager can switch your...
  3. lawaronak

    Software Blumentals Rapid SEO Tool

    Blumentals Rapid SEO Tool size: 7.0 MBRapid SEO Tool - simple SEO software. Improve your position on search engines. Rapid SEO Tool is unique search engine optimization and search engine position monitoring software designed to ease the task of improving web page position on...
  4. lawaronak

    Software Blumentals Screensaver Factory Multilingual

    Blumentals Screensaver Factory Multilingual File size: 38 MBCreate stunning professional screensavers within minutes. Create screensavers for yourself, for promotion or unlimited royalty-free commercial distribution. Make screensavers from images, video and flash animation, add...
  5. lawaronak

    Software Blumentals Screensaver Wonder Multilingual

    Blumentals Screensaver Wonder MultilingualFile size: 26 MBWith Screensaver Wonder you can easily make a screensaver from your own pictures and video files. Create screensavers for your own computer or create standalone, self-installing screensavers for easy sharing with your...
  6. lawaronak

    Software Systat Software SigmaPlot

    Systat Software SigmaPlot Size: 159 MBSigmaPlot software helps you quickly create exact graphs. SigmaPlot graphing software from SYSTAT takes you beyond simple spreadsheets to help you show off your work clearly and precisely. With SigmaPlot, you can produce high-quality graphs...
  7. lawaronak

    Software Comfy Photo Recovery 6.3 Multilingual

    Comfy Photo Recovery 6.3 MultilingualFile size: 14 MBRecover digital images using the Comfy Photo Recovery program. The program recovers not only accidentally deleted photo files, but also images that were lost after formatting the hard drive, memory cards, or USB flash drive. The program's...
  8. lawaronak

    Software Comfy Data Recovery Pack 4.3 Multilingual

    Comfy Data Recovery Pack 4.3 MultilingualFile size: 52 MBRecover deleted data with Comfy Data Recovery Pack. The program package contains a utility for recovering deleted images, Comfy Photo Recovery, and a utility for recovering deleted files, Comfy File Recovery.The programs recover data...
  9. lawaronak

    Software Comfy File Recovery 6.5 Multilingual

    Comfy File Recovery 6.5 MultilingualFile size: 41 MBRecover deleted files using Comfy File Recovery. The program recovers accidentally deleted files, information lost after formatting logical volumes on hard drives, USB flash drives, and memory cards. The program's "Partition search"...
  10. lawaronak

    Software Comfy Partition Recovery 4.5 Multilingual

    Comfy Partition Recovery 4.5 MultilingualFile size: 41 MBThe program will recover data deleted from normal and damaged logical partitions. Comfy Partition Recovery was designed for recovering files deleted after any possible type of accident. If your data were lost after emptying the Windows...
  11. lawaronak

    Software East Imperial Magic Uneraser 6.5 Multilingual

    East Imperial Magic Uneraser 6.5 MultilingualFile size: 43 MBUndelete files in few easy steps! Magic Uneraser is the simplest and easiest to use data recovery tool among the bunch of tools offered on this site. Recover files of any type from FAT and NTFS partitions! Magic Uneraser supports...
  12. lawaronak

    Software Cloanto C64 Forever 10.0.8 Plus Edition

    Cloanto C64 Forever 10.0.8 Plus Edition File size: 135 MBWhen the C64 was launched by Commodore in 1982 it immediately set the standard for 8-bit home computers. Its low cost, superior graphics, high quality sound and a massive 64 KB of RAM positioned it as the winner in the home computer...
  13. lawaronak

    Software CorelCAD 2023 v2022.5 Build

    CorelCAD 2023 v2022.5 Build Languages: Multilingual File Size: 536.39 MBThe professional, affordable, and simplified CAD software. Achieve outstanding results with CorelCAD™, an affordable collection of powerful 2D drafting and 3D design tools, purpose-built for architecture...
  14. lawaronak

    Software Output Messenger Server 2.0.23

    Output Messenger Server 2.0.23File size: 15.7 MBCommunicate with your team and share your ideas, work updates using one-one communication. Share files, images, videos to your colleagues just by drag and drop in one-on-one messaging as well as group chats.Organized Chat Room Converse with...
  15. lawaronak

    Software Siemens Simcenter3D 2212 Series HTML Multilang Documentation (x64)

    Siemens Simcenter3D 2212 Series HTML Multilang Documentation (x64)File Size: 3.55 GBLocalized HTML help for Siemens Simcenter 3D 2212 Series series)Add. Information : Composition of distribution HelpServer.2.1.0.exe >>> Siemens documentation server docs-simcenter-3d-2212-series-en-US.exe...
  16. lawaronak

    Software Siemens NX 2212 Series HTML Documentation (x64)

    Siemens NX 2212 Series HTML Documentation (x64)File Size: 4.52 GBLocalized HTML help for Siemens NX-2212 Series (NX-2212.XXXX)Add. Information : Composition of distribution HelpServer.2.1.0.exe >>> Siemens documentation server docs-nx-2212-series-en-US.exe >>> English HTML documentation...
  17. lawaronak

    Software Retouch Pro 3.0.1

    Retouch Pro 3.0.1Languages: Multilingual File Size: 16.92 MB | 4.85 GBThe most advanced and powerful tool for Adobe Photoshop ever created. With more than 180 functions, including real artificial intelligence technology, Retouch Pro Panel 3 will transform the way and vision of how you edit...
  18. lawaronak

    Software DIKDIK Video Kit Multilingual

    DIKDIK Video Kit MultilingualWindows x64 | File size: 67.11 MBWe're rebranding Video Watermark Subtitle Creator as DikDik. The software is an best video watermark software for editing video, adding watermark and subtitle, It can add video,audio, image, words and subtitle in WYSIWYG...
  19. lawaronak

    Software High-Logic MainType

    High-Logic MainType size: 46 MBMainType is a powerful but easy to use font manager and font viewer for Windows, that takes the frustration out of managing your fonts. It is packed with tons of intuitive features that makes it simple to find, preview, organize, install, and...
  20. lawaronak

    Software PTC Creo Illustrate (x64) Multilingual

    PTC Creo Illustrate (x64) MultilingualFile Size: 580 MBLet's assume you went into product design to create fantastic products. That's your focus, what you want to do, and how you want to be remembered. With the Creo product development software suite, you can take your product from...
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