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T&M Mashup 2.5.411.0


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Mar 30, 2016
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Languages: English | File Size: 23.09 MB

Create Epic Mashups In Minutes! Find tracks that sound good together, beatmatch them instantly, and produce your own mashups in as little as 5 minutes. Mashup 2 helps you discover compatible songs and helps you mix them together. How? Using harmonic mixing and other techniques used by top DJs. Your mashups are going to sound professional.

Mashup songs using our Mashup software
Mashup 2 helps you discover compatible songs and helps you mix them together. How? Using harmonic mixing and other techniques used by top DJs. Your mashups are going to sound professional.

Harmonic Mixing
- Mashups work when tracks are harmonically compatible. If basslines, vocals, or melodies clash, your mashup will suffer.
- With Mashup 2, harmonic mixing happens instantly. The software analyzes your music and helps you discover tracks that are 100% compatible.

Auto Beatmatching
- Synching tempos of two tracks played at different speeds is called beatmatching. When done properly, two songs sound like one.
- With Mashup 2, you beatmatch like a pro. Matchup 2 instantly detects the BPM of your first track, and adjusts the tempo of any additional tracks to match.

Analyze your favorite MP3 files
First, build your library of audio files and songs you want to blend together to create your mash up. Drag files from a browser or iTunes into the program. Mashup Software quickly begins to analyzes the tracks and organize them.

Add your first track
Load up the first track by clicking the blue add button in the browser. As the song loads up, you'll see the waveform of the track represented by the blue and white graphics. The blue represents the melodic and harmonic content, while the white represents the drums and beat of the song.

Find the best match
Next, we look back down into the browser and sort them by Harmonic Compatibility. Mixed in Key's algorithm has analyzed our tracks, sorting them into their respective keys and tempos. The harmonic compatibility works on a 0-100 scale where 100 represents a track that is perfectly in key with our starter song, and a 0 representing a song that will be completely disharmonic.

Choose your pair
In this case I chose an "Emotions" by Destiny's Child acapella, paired with Pretty Lights' "Pop Quiz" as our starting song. Pop Quiz's tempo is 105, while Emotions sits at 87 BPM. The two songs will automatically be warped and beat matched in respect to the projects master tempo.

Set the tempo
Next, I will change the projects master tempo to 95, as I find it's a good medium between the two tracks. To do this, click the small wrench icon in the top bar and edit the master tempo to your choosing.

Zoom in to edit
From here, we can zoom in more to fine edit the beat matching and sync using the zoom icons in the top bar. We can drag the file around, cut, edit, copy, and manipulate the file as we see fit.

Mix using volume and EQs
Finally you can dial in the sounds you want by manipulating the volume, panning, and EQ levels. If you have 3rd party VST plugins already installed you can add them to each track as well to help dial in the final results you're looking for.

Save your Mashup to MP3
Save the project for further editing, or export straight to audio. And just like that, you've created your own mashup that's completely unique. You can upload it to SoundCloud, post to Facebook or Instagram, or use in any of your personal projects. It's an MP3 file on disk, so you can do whatever you want with it.

- Freshened up the user interface.
- Nicer looking waveforms with beat and melody information.
- General bug fixing.


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Aug 20, 2022
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Everytime i try to install i get an error code: 0x80070422. do you guys mayb know what the issue is?

Update!!: Needed to install Microsoft® SQL Server® Compact 4.0 SP.
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