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T&M Ni VeriStand 2018 SP1 (x86-x64)


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Mar 30, 2016
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x86,x64 | Languages:English | File Size: 1.43 GB

NI VeriStand is configuration-based testing software, allowing you to develop, prototype, and test control systems using hardware I/O and your simulation models. The NI VeriStand software framework enables you to perform real-time or PC-based test configuration and execution that can be easily customized and extended with LabVIEW, NI TestStand, and other software tools.

NI VeriStand includes a run-time editable user interface as well as a test manager you can use to configure and implement triggered multi-file data logging, real-time test sequencing, stimulus generation and playback, and model calibration.

System Requirements:
-Windows 10/8.1/7 SP1
-Windows Embedded Standard 7 SP1
-Windows Server 2012 R2
-Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Memory:2 GB of RAM
CPU:Multi-core processor

Required Software:
-(Required) NI-DAQmx software 18.6
-(Required) NI-VISA software 18.5 or later
-(Recommended) NI-RIO 18.5 or later driver software, used by NI FPGA targets
-(Recommended) NI-XNET 18.5 or later driver software, used by NI-XNET vehicle bus interface cards
What's New in NI VeriStand 2018 SP1
This topic lists changes NI VeriStand 2018 SP1.

PXI NI Linux RT Support:
You can now deploy System Definition Files to PXI NI Linux RT targets similarly to previously supported targets. Benefits of supporting the NI Linux RTOS include:

-Support for newer compilation tools and advance C++ features.
-Support for Linux and other libraries.
-Improvement of memory handling and computational power.
-ASAM EES Port and Framework Support
-The Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM) facilitates interoperability between measurement and automation testing tools from different vendors. NI VeriStand 2018 includes a Generic Simulator Interface for the Electrical Error Simulation Port (EESPort) and the ASAM Framework based on version 2.1.0 of the ASAM XIL API. You can use the EESPort to simulate common electric errors such as loose contacts, broken cables, and short-circuits. You can use the ASAM Framework to complete tasks such as:

-Logging variables.
-Mapping units, data types, or variable identifiers.
-Managing communication from ports to the testbench.
-Refer to the Using the EESPort to Simulate Electrical Errors white paper for an example of how to use the EESPort with NI VeriStand and LabVIEW.

Python Integration Package:
Use the NI VeriStand Python Integration package to execute Python scripts as if they were NI VeriStand real-time sequences. You can use this open-source package as an alternative to the NI VeriStand Stimulus Profile Editor. To learn more about this feature, view the NI VeriStand Python Documentation. To download this feature, go to the NI VeriStand Python Integration Package Download Page.

ASAM Steps for NI TestStand:
The ASAM steps for NI TestStand are a set of custom steps created and supported by NI that allow you to access NI VeriStand from NI TestStand using the ASAM XIL API. You can use these custom steps to more easily reuse test sequences developed for other HIL systems that use the ASAM XIL API in your NI VeriStand project. For more information about how to download and use these steps, refer to the NI VeriStand ASAM Steps for NI TestStand documentation.

Fixed Issues:
Leaving the alarm monitor open during system execution results in a memory leak relative to the number of alarms defined in the system definition.


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