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T&M SolidWorks 2019: Automobile System Design, Deep learning A-Z


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Mar 30, 2016
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SolidWorks 2019: Automobile System Design, Deep learning A-Z
.MP4 | Video: 1280x720, 30 fps(r) | Audio: AAC, 48000 Hz, 2ch | 5.81 GB
Duration: 6.5 hours | Genre: eLearning Video | Language: English

Learn SolidWorks just by Designing Simple & Advanced Automobile Systems (All in One Course)

What you'll learn

Detailed 2D Sketching.

Advanced Surface Designing.

Confidently list your SolidWorks Skills in your Resume to get a Job in a Car Company.

What you'll learn
Discover & Design Advanced Car Components (Parts & Assemblies).
Detailed 2D Sketching.
Advanced 3D Features.
Advanced Surface Designing.
Hard Assemblies with Advanced & Mechanical Mates.
Confidently list your SolidWorks Skills in your Resume to get a Job in a Car Company.
Awesome Geometry & Forms.
Advanced Automobile Systems.
All SolidWorks Project Files are Downloadable.
Car Differential System Parts & Assembly.
Car Clutch System Parts & Assemblies.
Designing the Car Wheel.
Car Brake Disc Assemblies.
Double Wishbone Suspension System Assembly.
Bonus Parts & Assemblies to Practice.
The Desire to be a Professional Automobile Designer.
In this Course, You will learn some Hard Automobile systems as the Differential GearBox, the Clutch System, the Wheel, the Brake Disc, the Double Wishbone Suspension System and others , And all these Assemblies will be built piece by piece & mate by mate, And that's exactly the benefit of this course.
First we will create all the parts by sketching in the easiest way, & we will create together some extraodinary forms.
The only requirement for this course is a basic knowledge of SolidWorks, so it is a beginner and advanced course in the same time.
After creating all the parts, we will start the big assemblies & we will focus on each mate in details to understand how hard assemblies can be very easy.
Don't hesitate & Join us on this Deep Solidworks Course.
& See you soon.
Who this course is for:
Mechanical Engineers.
Designers, Engineers and Hobbyist.
Industrial Applicants.
Individuals intending to learn Automobile Systems.
Individuals wanting to get a job in a Car Company via SolidWorks Skills.






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