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T&M Udacity - Programming for Data Science v1.0.0


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Mar 30, 2016
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Udacity - Programming for Data Science v1.0.0
.MP4 | Duration : 10 hours | 2.21GB
Video: AVC, 1 009 kb/s, 1280x720, 25.000 fps
Audio: : AAC, 126 kb/s (2 channels)
Genre : eLEarning | Language : English

Prepare for a data science career by learning the fundamental data programming tools: Python or R, SQL, command line, and git. Choose to enroll in either the Python or R track.Learn the programming fundamentals required for a career in data science. By the end of the program, you will be able to use Python, SQL, Command Line, and Git.

Part 01 : Welcome to the Program
Welcome to the program! In this part, you will get an orientation into using our classroom and services. You'll also get advice for making the best use of your time while enrolled in this program.

Part 02 : Introduction to SQL
Learn SQL language fundamentals such as building basic queries and advanced functions like Window Functions, Subqueries and Common Table Expressions.

Part 03 : Command Line Essentials
The Unix shell is a powerful tool for developers of all sorts. In this lesson, you'll get a quick introduction to the very basics of using it on your own computer.

Part 04 : Introduction to Python
Learn Python programming fundamentals such as data types and structures, variables, loops, and functions.

Part 05 : Introduction to Version Control
Learn how to use version control to save and share your projects with others.

Part 06 : Congratulations and Next Steps
Congratulations on completing all projects for this Nanodegree!

Part 07 (Elective): SQL Project Additional Resources

Part 08 (Elective): Data Visualization with Tableau
Learn to apply sound design and data visualization principles to the data analysis process. Learn how to use analysis and visualizations in Tableau to tell a story with data.

Part 09 (Elective): Introduction to HTML and CSS
Introduction to HTML and CSS syntax with problem sets.





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