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T&M WinCan VX 1.2019.5.0 Multilingual


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Mar 30, 2016
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File size: 860 MB

Maintaining sewers starts with understanding sewer condition, and WinCan makes it easy to collect detailed, standards-compliant inspection data. Relentless focus on innovation and productivity has made WinCan the industry's most preferred sewer inspection software, with more than 8,500 licenses worldwide

Powerful Analytics
Gathering sewer condition data is just the beginning. To help you make better decisions, WinCan identifies trends, pinpoints hotspots, prioritizes maintenance and lets you forecast budgets. Its broad range of reporting and data visualization tools lets you drill down to the insight you need.

Cloud-Based Collaboration
It takes a team to keep sewers flowing. WinCan Web is a cloud-based platform that lets you assign work and share inspections securely across your team. Results are available instantaneously, everywhere, through an app or browser-without the hassle of servers, offsite backups or email attachments.

Tailored Capability
WinCan bundles combine the core functionality needed for any given role on your team. Whether it's collecting, analyzing or managing data, WinCan bundles are configured to deliver full capability at an attractive price.

Room to Grow
WinCan's modular design lets you expand your capability as needs evolve. Add-on modules support emerging technologies like side scanning, laser, sonar and 3D visualization, as well as powerful features like image-based measurement and data validation/import/export.

Hardware Neutrality
Your choice of software should never constrain your choice of inspection equipment. WinCan works with all brands of sewer inspection technology-including crawlers, zoom cameras and push cameras-as well as all major applications of side-scanning, laser profiling, manhole scanning and other emerging technologies.

Enterprise Compatibility
Data is only useful when it's shared. WinCan integrates with more municipal asset management applications than any other sewer software, ensuring the status and needs of your sewer department automatically roll up into broader asset tracking and resource planning activities.

Feature Walk-through
In one minute, see how easy it is to document and share inspections with WinCan. Then continue on to explore WinCan's analytical toolkit, cloud-based workflow and support for emerging technologies.

Standards Compliance
To understand sewer condition citywide, individual inspections must be performed to a common standard. WinCan supports more observation catalogs worldwide than any other sewer inspection software, ensuring your data is fully portable and yields superior insight.

Whats New:
Bug fixes and improvements
• DDMS_CD535 Standard added
• Norvar_234/2018 Standard added
• Belgium-FR EN13508-2+A1 Standard added
• Norwegian Standards Catalogues names changed
• PACP6: combine inspections empty fixed
• PACP6: filtered sections and laterals are not exported
• PACP6: customer Field issues - Import and Export fixed
• PACP7: import Missing Pre-Cleaning values fixed
• PACP7: Spanish available for Spanish speaking countries fixed
• DanDas 2.6: Scoring Problem (Service Rate) fixed
• Import: NL Sufrib2.1 media files fixed
• Import: WinCan Embedded is not acknowledging PLR Suffix fixed
• Export: TV3 Export 1st Data Entry Should be Inspection Number, not
Section Number
• Mapping for Miraculix updated
• OSD: does not show fromnode for inverse inspection fixed
• OSD: project bar not being updated automatically after a new section is
created fixed
• Report Generator: Preview not functioning fixed
• Printing: Sample Watermark on the inclination report fixed
• Printing: report cover page is without header fixed
• Printing: default Contractor address/logo not always in the report fixed
• Printing: Inclination report is always Printed in a Portrait format fixed
• Inclination: Altitudes are Flipped and Info is Not Clear fixed
• MAP: Unable to Open DWG File fixed
• Vitec MPEG4 low resolution/quality fixed
• Ibak MiniLite with Ibak SoftControl resolution fixed
• Media renaming use fields based on template added
Always ahead
4 / 31 WinCan VX Version History
• Changes in the filter cause selection of 1st section fixed
• Invert direction functionality fixed
• CleverScan observations are attached to wrong manhole fixed
• Job list isn't updating until project is refreshed fixed
• BEFDSS: Implementation of the manhole export type _M added
• Workgroup download does not work fixed
• Rehab module: "LV quantity" is wrong fixed
• Template Isybau-2006-Austria is not determined automatically fixed
• Entry Domestic UK license isn't working as intended with Hardlock licenses
• Light viewer The Logo and address of the customer is missing if you use
• 3DGS: Measurement does not automatically stop after entering an end code
or closing the video
• Validation Panel Doesn't Work in Nodes the Same Way as in Sections
• Photo 'Drawing tool' not sizing font fixed
• Lucity Configuration & Filter Updates
• Live video container issues while using with Ibak SoftControl fixed
• Unable to play video clip backward with GStreamer fixed
• HD Video capture device added
• OCR: calibration fixed
• Adding observations: mandatory lists marked yellow fixed
• Failed to find uninstall data file fixed


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